Brents mentorship is the key

Living your wildly ideal life of thriving health can now be a reality with personalized sessions under the guidance of health expert, Brent Haydey.

I was fortunate to read Brent’s amazing book, “Making it Stick”, and found it to be informative and inspirational.  The Thriving Health sessions elevate and extend this knowledge within individualized strategic planning sessions.  Throughout the course, I developed an enhanced understanding about how to optimize my health and wellness. From the first session, Brent helped connect my personal goals within his research-informed contextually rich program.  Throughout the course I slowly added the tools to ensure that I had the robust foundation to support my aspirational vision of thriving health and action my goals.

If you are thinking about making a positive health change, the time is now and Brent’s mentorship is the key to achieving your goals and making the positive changes stick.

Thanks for everything, Brent!!

Karen Spencer
Edmonton, AB, Canada