Live Your Best Life!

I'm Brent Haydey.
I’ll help you experience the success that truly matters in your business and your personal life.

The 7 Pillars Of Real Success

Are you struggling to achieve the success that really matters?

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

Time, Energy & Focus

Is this what you need to most to excel at work AND live the life you love beyond it?

Meet Brent Haydey.
Teacher | Trainer | Coach | Mentor

Brent walks his talk. He embraces an active healthy lifestyle and is a dedicated family man. All while manifesting his life’s purpose… to support entrepreneurs like you.

A passionate coach and trainer

Thanks to your help I have been able to push myself beyond all my previous limits, and have had much fun along the way.

Kim McGrann

I am the conductor of my symphony

I love how Brent gently meets people where they are at and helps them move forward. I highly recommend Brent for his wonderful coaching style.

Daphne McDonagh

Working with Brent has been a great experience

I appreciate the ease with which he presents each concept, uses great examples from his own experiences, and gives everyone in the group a chance to share.

Colleen Heidecker

I’m feeling so good about myself and the direction of my life

Your support was the right balance between asking profound questions, helping me to see another perspective, and allowing me to set goals and hold myself accountable.

Brandy Jeary