Introverts Social Distancing – Not As Easy As You Might Think


When you think of introverts social distancing you might instantly think it’s natural for them. Easy peasy. A slam dunk. This is what they crave and want… all the time, right? There have been a ton of social media posts jokingly suggesting how perfectly suited introverts are for this COVID-19 … [Read more...]

Prioritizing Self Care and It’s Importance

Prioritizing Self Care

Prioritizing self care is generally NOT something most business owners do, yet it should be at the very top of the list. Instead many business owners start, and often stay, firmly entrenched in the mindset of business first and that there will be time for everything else later. Work harder we’re … [Read more...]

Two Sure Fire Ways To Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone And Reap The Rewards

Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone. That place where you tend to stay within most or maybe ALL of the time. It’s called comfort zone for a reason. It’s comfortable. It’s familiar. It likely feels easier there. Then you get lulled into staying there. But in staying in your comfort zone are you embracing, enjoying … [Read more...]

Edmonton Coffee Shops: Brent’s Favourites

Edmonton Coffee Shops

I visit Edmonton coffee shops several days each and every week. As an Executive & Life Coach I sometimes meet clients in coffee shops that are quiet and comfortable for doing the work that we do. As a home-based solopreneur I often meet in coffee shops to network and build relationships with my … [Read more...]

How To Battle Burnout With These 10 Steps

battle burnout

Needing to battle burnout has become alarmingly more prevalent in recent years. It can impact you because of your business, your job, volunteer commitments, or many other aspects of your life.  The path leading into burnout is an unsustainable one, yet it’s one you might find hard to get off of. … [Read more...]