How Peace Leads To Success

What does being at peace mean to you? Just for a moment think about the inner turmoil that tends to consume your energy, waste your time, and impact your business. How often does that happen? For many entrepreneurs it’s probably much more than you’d care to admit, even to yourself! In this post I … [Read more...]

Your Unconscious Lifestyle Loop

ULL Diagram2

Have you experienced the trap of your unconscious lifestyle loop? Yes you have! Everyone has at some point in their lives. You might be in the midst of one right now. The Unconscious Lifestyle Loop is a spiraling downward loop into unconscious habits, rituals, and patterns influenced by … [Read more...]

The Indivisible Whole Part 2


Are you overwhelmed by the demands of your job or business? Does your stress level peak when interacting with certain people? In part 1 of The Indivisible Whole I shared Greg’s story and how failing to address each of the 4 elements of an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle led him to fall short … [Read more...]

Forming Accountability Partnerships

Do you tend to avoid taking the tough steps? Is procrastination getting in your way of success? In this post I will share a form of support that just might be your answer to these limiting ways. Beth Buelow of The Introvert Entrepreneur defines an accountability partnership as “an intentional … [Read more...]

The Blame Game

Do you automatically lay blame when business just doesn’t seem to go your way? Does it serve you in actually moving forward to the results you want? In this post I will share why letting go of blame will lead to the sustainability and then freedom you desire. In my first business I developed a … [Read more...]