Can’t Find The Time?

Time Stresed Woman.caption

Are you stressed for time and feeling the need to begin being healthier and more active BUT are so busy you can’t see how you’ll fit it in? Does your work day start early, end late, and never seem to slow down? Are the demands of your business causing you to "bump" exercise from your schedule … [Read more...]

Too Exhausted or Overwhelmed?


Are you ready, willing, and able to begin being healthier and more active BUT are too tired to get started? Do you wake up in the morning then promptly hit the snooze button, not once, not twice, but 3 times before bolting out of bed and rushing off to work late? Do you run out of gas by mid … [Read more...]

The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health


What lifestyle intervention can do the following? reduce progression of dementia and alzheimers by 50% when coupled with other lifestyle interventions reduce progression of diabetes by 58% reduce anxiety by 48% in knee arthritis with 1 hr treatment 3x/week can reduce pain and disability by … [Read more...]

The 3 real reasons your new years health resolutions will likely fail … and what to do about it!


January 1! The day you wake up, make health resolutions, and resolve that this year things will be different! You commit to losing a certain amount of weight. You bought a treadmill. You join a yoga class. You commit to eating breakfast every day. You buy a fitness club membership. You … [Read more...]