Maximize Value In Your Mastermind Group

There are three key questions to ask yourself when considering joining a mastermind group so that you can maximize value and have it really benefit your business and your life.

As a runner I’d always love to run with a group. I once went out on a group run from a specialty running store. This was a group of very advanced, serious runners. I didn’t know that before hand. They all took off like the front runners of the olympic marathon quickly leaving me in the dust. I pushed myself to keep up but they were simply out of my league. It was not fun. I pushed too hard. I felt like crap. I didn’t go back.

maximize value in your mastermind groupI also used to run regularly with a group of friends. In our group there were faster and slower runners. Some were a bit more serious, while others were pretty recreational. The range was there but not too broad. Me, I was somewhere in the middle. On one particular occasion my buddy and I were keeping pace with the faster runners. The discussion while running got onto politics and became a bit heated. Guess what, the pace met the intensity of the discussion. We pushed beyond our comfort zone but kept up and had a great run. This happened regularly and I became more fit and a faster runner as a result.

In one final example I was running with a group of less experienced, less conditioned runners. The pace was slower and involved several walking breaks. My intent was to enjoy the time with these friends, to support them make progress in their conditioning, and hopefully gain a love of running like mine. The runs with this group, however, did not challenge me very much. While it was not a value in my progress as a runner, it definitely had value in other ways.

Belonging to a group, such as a mastermind group, can result in any of these types of scenarios. In order to maximize value and get what you want from the experience and to be able give what you can to support others its important to do some homework in advance.

How To Maximize Value In Your Mastermind Group

Ask these questions of your mastermind group as you consider joining.

  1. What do I bring to this specific group in terms of experience, knowledge, resources, and support?
  2. What do I need from the other group members in terms of experience, knowledge, resources, and support?
  3. Where do I fit in this group in relation to the other members?

There is a balance of being pushed by others while also having your own unique contribution to add in support of them. Find that balance and your experience in your mastermind group will be truly rewarding.

If you feel like you might not gain from the others in a group and might not maximize value for your business and your life then check out my post, Smartest Person In The Room. It’ll shed some insight and perspective on how you look at things.

Knowing all of this I have designed each of my mastermind groups for a very specific niche so that this balance can be realized by every one of the participants. I personally meet with every person interested in being a part of my mastermind groups in order to determine where the right fit lies for that person and the groups being launched. The goal, of course is to maximize your value.

If you’re ready to go then contact me today and we’ll arrange a time to meet to determine where the best fit is and then get you registered. There is always a very limited number of spaces in each group. That’s by design too!

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