Just Say No When You Need To Most

Just Say NoJust say NO. NO. It’s a small word. NO. It’s only two letters. N-O.

Yet it’s such a hard word for so many business owners to say.

In their mind NO might mean less business, or upsetting an employee or client or supplier.

Why You Must… Just Say NO

NO, at the right times and for the right reasons WILL give you FREEDOM. 

Entrepreneurial Freedom!

Freedom within your business to focus on what you do best and what you love doing most.

It’s about setting and sticking to boundaries. In changing them it will take time for you and others to adjust. Then they will come to respect you and your needs, especially when they are clear and consistent.

Not Sure When Or How To… Just Say NO?

Here are three simple tips to help determine your boundaries and to prepare for when it is the right time to say NO.

  1. Review your life vision and annual game changer goals every morning. It’ll reset your entrepreneurial compass every day so you know what’s most important and the direction you are headed.
  2. Realize that by saying yes (in some situations) you are saying NO to something else that might be a priority.
  3. Have a response ready for when you do really need to just say NO. For instance, “I have a prior commitment”, even if that commitment is to yourself or family. Be authentic and truthful but also be to true to yourself and your boundaries.

Need a bit more insight on saying NO. Listen to this Harvard Business Review podcast on the subject.

In saying NO at the right times it’ll take a weight off your shoulders and lessen the feeling of stress that comes with doing something you feel obligated to do but wish you didn’t have to.

Just say NO where and when you really need to and you’ll have greater freedom to contribute to the ultimate success of your business.

Say NO and it can stop you from continuing to leave money on the table.

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