Group Coaching

EFreedom Group CoachingEFreedom Group Coaching delivers all the support you need to create freedom in your business and in your life from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

The process of change has many challenges. As you navigate your path towards creating freedom in your world, professionally facilitated group coaching support will help as you experience the many roadblocks and barriers that will step up to knock you off track.

There are reasons you don’t already have the freedom and the results you want. Reasons why you are experiencing the overwhelm, stress, and burnout that limits you. Reasons why living your wildly ideal life in entrepreneurial freedom currently eludes you.

EFreedom Group Coaching addresses the three critical limiting reasons

  1. Your Old Habits – ones that no longer serve you yet are still unconsciously acting to direct your actions and inactions.
  2. Your Inner Voice – steeped in deep limiting beliefs your inner voice will continue to talk you out of key steps you know you need to take to achieve and live with the freedom you desire.
  3. Thousands of External Influences – that act on you each and every day including some of the closest people in your world. When their influence leads you off course it can have a paralyzing impact.

My EFreedom Online Group Coaching Program will help provide the support you need as you create your plan for change and integrate it into your hectic  life. It will support you to identify and overcome your roadblocks in each of these areas so you can progressively carry out your action plan of change.

Freedom awaits! Are you ready for it? Come join us. What have you got to lose, except your stress, your burnout, and your lack of balance!

Imagine having the support to take the steps needed to create freedom within your business.

  • Your ability to focus on the work you love most
  • Your ability to do the work you are best at
  • Your ability to raise your productivity in the areas where you contribute most to your businesses successs
  • Greater profitability

Imagine having the support to create freedom from your business when you want or need it most.

  • Reclaim and live in abundant health
  • Have fun doing activities you love with your kids, spouse, or friends
  • Be there for those milestone moments of your kids lives
  • Be able to support your parents as they age and their health declines
  • Go on vacations knowing your business will not only survive but thrive without you there
  • Let go and live with much less stress!

About the EFreedom Online Group Coaching

WHENThe last Monday of every month (with very occasional exceptions that you’ll be informed of well in advance)

WHAT TIME: 7:00 – 8:30PM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

PLATFORM: Currently we use Zoom video conferencing

FORMAT: During the sessions you’ll have the opportunity to listen in on the support provided to like minded entrepreneurs, request an opportunity for live support of your issue or concerns, or ask questions via chat to be addressed live if you do not want to directly interact live. Support will be given in the order of request given the time available for each call.

BONUS SUPPORT FOR MEMBERS: As a member of our EFreedom Online Group Coaching you will be invited to join the Closed Facebook Group called Living In EFreedom. You’ll have access to the video recording of each group coaching session, receive additional support, and be able to interact with others in our group.

WHAT IF I CANNOT ATTEND: Each session will be recorded and uploaded to the closed Living In EFreedom Facebook Group. If, on any given month you cannot attend, you are welcome to watch the video to glean valuable support from the questions asked of others.

Try it out for a few months. If it’s not serving your needs you can quit at any time. But I think you’ll love it once your process of change takes hold!

MASTERMIND GROUPS: Some people prefer the interactive and collaborative support found in the small groups of a mastermind group scenario. If that describes you click here to learn about my mastermind groups.

PRIVATE COACHING: Some people prefer one-to-one support over a group scenario. If that describes you click here to learn about my private coaching support.

Life, and business, is meant to be embraced, enjoyed, and fully lived; not merely endured!