And Then It Got Real – Part 2

Parent Care

An Outbreak Hits Your Parents Long Term Care Home And Then IT Got Real! Part 2 “How prepared are you?” join our community of entrepreneurs Caring For Your Ageing Parent! Caring for an ageing parent during a pandemic is challenging. Especially if you own a business. In Part 1 I shared how stressful things can be when your child is hospitalized by COVID. What about when your parent is affected? Throughout 2020 I grew accustomed to the many changes we have been asked to adhere to. For the most part everything has been fine for me. But things did change …


And Then It Got Real – Part 1


Suddenly Your Child Gets Sick And Then IT Got Real! Part 1 “How prepared are you?” join our community of entrepreneurs A Parents Nightmare! Experiencing the sandwich generation from the middle can be a challenging thing during a pandemic. Especially if you’re a business owner. Things can be going along day by day seemingly good, despite COVID restrictions and a hurting economy. From where you’re at the pandemic might mostly be something on the news or in social media… and then it got real! I sincerely hope that you or your family have not been affected. If you have I …


Playing The Cash Flow Game In Real Life

Playing The Cash Flow Game In real Life! “Leveraging OPT, OPM, & OPK for max benefit.” Join Our Community Of Entrepreneurs How often do you think about cash flow, your business, and how to achieve freedom that will deliver the real success that you want? As I’ve talked with many business owners over the past 12 months there are two things that seem consistent in every conversation. Uncertainty prevails pretty much every day and everyone is hurting in one way or another. Each time I see a business closing temporarily or sometimes permanently I think about the business owner and …


Lessons From Garth Brooks On Family And Business


Lessons From Garth Brooks On Family And Business “I don’t know who these 3 girls are but I’m about to find out.” join our community of entrepreneurs Ever hear of Garth Brooks? C’mon, of course you have. Even if you’re not much of a country music fan you’ve heard of him. I recently watched a documentary of his life story and took from it some very powerful lessons on family and business. Garth Brooks has been called a legend in his own time. He’s the best selling artist of all time in the US. During the 90’s he brought country …


The Trap Of Trading Time For Money

Trap of Trading Time

Trading Time For Money It’s A Trap! “There is another way… your way!” join our community of entrepreneurs Have you ever heard of the trap of trading time for money? Trading time for money starts out innocently enough. You get paid a fair wage for a hard days work. Put in your time, do a good job, and get paid. You might even get a raise now and then helping you feel like the system is working just fine. But when increases in wages don’t match increases in your cost of living a common tendency is to work more hours …