The Emerging Path

Freedom.  Are you free?  In business this is what most of us actually desire.  It’s true More money, promotion, a higher rate, and more clients are some of the things we think will deliver what we want but that thinking can be flawed.  What we hope to gain from these achievements is freedom.  The way I like to describe it is “having the freedom FROM your business and career to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want while your business remains highly sustainable and actually grows even when you are not there.”  How many actually experience this with their business?  I suspect not too many.  How many would like to experience this?  I suspect pretty much everyone.  So why don’t we?

I believe it is primarily because so many are caught up in the never ending battle of working in our business and not spending enough time working on our business.  Some may do well financially and experience freedom to “have”.  There is a difference.

A client of mine had been living this battle for years.  She was successfully self-employed and was earning a pretty good income that paid the bills, however she was tied to getting clients, doing the work, charging for her time, and being available at the whim of her clients needs.  When times were good her income was high and the work was steady.  The down side was that she worked days, evenings, and weekends to keep up with the needs of her clients.  She did so fearing down times and the possibility of losing clients.  In down times she feared not making ends meet and whether or not the clients would come back or new ones would be there.  All other areas of her life  were impacted; her health, social life, personal relationships among others.  She did not feel she could take a vacation because of the loss of income and having clients she had to be there for.  She was living for one day in the future when things would be different, a future that was always exactly that…the future and never the present.  Was she experiencing freedom?  No.  Was she taking the steps to experience freedom in the “future”.  Unfortunately no.  Until we began working together this was an unconscious pattern repeating over and over with the only outward sign she recognized being negative feelings and an inner dialogue including: I don’t like this, I am overwhelmed, I wish it was different, I have no choice, and if I just keep going things will be different one day.  Of course it all kept her stuck in her pattern.

I have heard it said that the best way to predict the future is to get a very clear idea of what is happening right now.

That is exactly what my client did.  She was able to unveil and recognize the underlying patterns she was repeating over and over.  She was able to see that they were holding her back from what she truly wanted.  With continued work she was able to accept and even embrace the fact that change was necessary if she was to realize her dreams.  With these pivotal steps she was able to commence working on her business and begin setting the foundation that will lead to her experiencing entrepreneurial freedom.  She is now well underway and is experiencing her ideal life and entrepreneurial freedom as it evolves every day.

With these initial steps of awakening, your journey to entrepreneurial freedom CAN occur.  Imagine what freedom could mean in your life!


Yours in health,


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Lao Tsu

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The most exciting benefit from the coaching was the immediate identification of a personal negative belief system that I didn’t even realize existed!

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