We’re obsessed with food and it’s killing us


“Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.”  Socrates A simple idea that we, at least in North America, have very backwards. Most of our society lives to eat. Be truthful now. Do you? There is an entire network dedicated to food. There are hundreds of TV programs on a wide range of channels … [Read more...]

Escaping Unsustainability

Do you worry about how long your business will last given current levels of income? Are you so focused taking appointments day, night, or weekends just trying to make ends meet, that you don’t have a life?  In this post I will share the cost that an unsustainable business has on life and what to … [Read more...]

Setting A Healthy Eating Foundation


Are you overwhelmed by deciding what single food is the best food? Does media headline after headline claiming the newest superfood’s benefits leave your head spinning?  In this post I will share 3 simple steps to set a powerful healthy eating foundation that will enable you to easily include … [Read more...]

3 Keys To Entrepreneurial Freedom

There are 3 keys to Entrepreneurial Freedom! Vision Whether you are just starting in business or have been at it for years take the time to really look at your vision of your Entrepreneurial Life Path and how it aligns with your vision of your wildly ideal life. I believe it was a Covey story that … [Read more...]