Lessons From Garth Brooks On Family And Business


Lessons From Garth Brooks On Family And Business “I don’t know who these 3 girls are but I’m about to find out.” join our community of entrepreneurs Ever hear of Garth Brooks? C’mon, of course you have. Even if you’re not much of a country music fan you’ve heard of him. I recently watched a documentary of his life story and took from it some very powerful lessons on family and business. Garth Brooks has been called a legend in his own time. He’s the best selling artist of all time in the US. During the 90’s he brought country …


The Trap Of Trading Time For Money

Trap of Trading Time

Trading Time For Money It’s A Trap! “There is another way… your way!” join our community of entrepreneurs Have you ever heard of the trap of trading time for money? Trading time for money starts out innocently enough. You get paid a fair wage for a hard days work. Put in your time, do a good job, and get paid. You might even get a raise now and then helping you feel like the system is working just fine. But when increases in wages don’t match increases in your cost of living a common tendency is to work more hours …


Calming Music For A Stressful Time – Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright!

Calming music for a stressful time. For as long as I can remember I’ve always associated certain songs with events or times in my life. Back in university days we used to go to Penticton for the last couple of weeks of summer before returning to school. Mixed tapes for the long drive there and back along with the music in the clubs and on the beach defined the day and always reminded me of those wonderful times. Well, I just returned from another adventure and in this edition of Tales From The Tropics I want to tell you a …


YEG Winter Activities To Reduce Stress

I embrace the outdoor life in my hometown of Edmonton in the winter. There are a number of wonderful YEG winter activities I love to do with friends and family whenever I get the chance. For many winter is the time to cocoon inside, avoid the outdoors, and focus on work until the seasons change. Too much of a work focus can lead to increased stress, especially when the economy is hurting. Cocooning inside with reduced activity and social connection can also add to that stress or, at least, prevent you from burning it off. When you feel the stress …


How To Achieve Goals And Create Real Change In Business And Life

Setting goals is the easy part. Then life happens! You get busy, urgencies take over, and your ability to achieve goals slides right off the rails. Especially those goals you said “this year it will be different”. Repeating a history that you wish was different happens much more often than you might think! So why did that happen? Three reasons that trip up your ability to achieve goals that you set.  Old habits creep back in Your inner voice convinces you otherwise Thousands of external influences block every positive step of change you take When business and life in general …