Happiness, Life’s Too Short For Anything Else!


Happiness Life’s Too Short For anything else! “Are you happy?”   join our community of entrepreneurs It all starts with a simple question! Are you happy? I was reflecting on a post about happiness that I wrote way back in 2012 called “Daddy Are You Happy?” after a powerful experience with my, then, 3 year old daughter. It got me focused, once again, on what a perfect question it really is to ask on a regular basis. Are you happy? Sure your answer may be more complicated than a simple yes or no but this is where it all has …


How To Re-Ignite Your Passion

Are you doing what you are most passionate about? Are you doing what you are most gifted at? If no, WHY NOT? In this post I will share 3 simple steps to re-ignite your passion leading to the results you want in business and life!  If you do not wake up every morning excited and passionate about effectively monetizing the intersection between your passions and gifts then proceed through one or more of the following three key changes? 3 Steps to Re-Ignite Your Passion Delegate and choose your roles carefully – pass things you are not passionate about or gifted …


Daddy Are You Happy


Daddy Are You Happy? Genuine Compassion “Life’s too short for anything but a yes.” Join Our Community Of Entrepreneurs It’s the perfect question! I picked up Maya and she gently put her hands on my cheeks, looked very careingly into my eyes and asked “Daddy, are you happy?” Oh, the look of genuine compassion. I melted, smiled, then said yes sunshine, I am very happy. She’s done this on more than one occasion and I’ll admit that once it was her way of making sure everything was cool between us after she had misbehaved. But the other times were different. …


The Present Moment – Tales From The Tropics

Slow down.  Really slow down and allow yourself to become totally there in the present moment.  What do you see?  What do you feel?  Connect with all of your senses for just a moment and allow it to be exactly as it will be.  At one with your world.  At one with nature and all it’s beauty.  Let go of later, to do lists, timelines, and be totally here right now in the present moment. Feel the stress and worry simply melt away. Just like that TV commercial where the guy is cruising along in his sports car and time …