Happiness, Life’s Too Short For Anything Else!


Happiness Life’s Too Short For anything else! “Are you happy?”   join our community of entrepreneurs It all starts with a simple question! Are you happy? I was reflecting on a post about happiness that I wrote way back in 2012 called “Daddy Are You Happy?” after a powerful experience with my, then, 3 year old daughter. It got me focused, once again, on what a perfect question it really is to ask on a regular basis. Are you happy? Sure your answer may be more complicated than a simple yes or no but this is where it all has …


Work-Life Balance. Change This And Its Yours!


Is Work-life Balance a Myth? Not When Framed Right! “It’s a myth. That’s crazy. It’s just not possible.” JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF ENTREPRENEURS Work-Life Balance! You’ve heard the term. You’ve probably formed an opinion about the concept. Maybe you talk about it with colleagues, in discussion groups, or even at home. “It’s a myth. That’s crazy. It’s just not possible.” Or… “sure it’s possible.” “I’d love to experience it.” Or, “I’m fully living it right now!”It’s been a buzz term for quite a long time and it’ll continue to be talked about as long as it remains elusive to most …


Edmonton Outdoor Patios – Brents Favourites

One of the things I love on a hot summer day is to enjoy a cool beverage on one of the wonderful Edmonton outdoor patios. Summer season = patio season in my books. Whether it’s BBQ dinner on the patio in my back yard or finding a restaurant with a great patio, it’s a summer must for me. There are all kinds of amazing options across the city with many situated downtown but living far from downtown I thought I’d share a few that I love away from the core.  If downtown is your thing then check out these two …


Who Are Your People And Who Are Definitely Not

Who are your people? Do you know? Many years ago I was asked that question by a coach and mentor of mine. It kind of caught me  off guard as I hadn’t really thought about it very much. Who were “my” people and why were they my people. I stumbled through an answer in the moment that seemed to make sense to me. Active… health conscious… adventurous… beach lovers… Mac lovers… middle path focused… entrepreneurial…  Later, as I reflected on what I said, it dawned on me that mine are people who share some of the same core values that …


Why You Should Be Your First Priority

Making you your first priority is a significant challenge for many people. There are some people that will stop at nothing to help or please other people. We call these people selfless and praise them for devoting themselves for others. And while it is a great quality to want to help others, people who spend no time on or for them are often left feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Spending time on you does not make you selfish. In fact, it is the opposite of selfish. Making yourself a priority, while still finding the time to help others, means that you …