How many days do you have left?

There are only 24 hours in a day, 7 days each week, and 365 days every year. From this moment in time forward you only have so many days left. Do this quick calculation. Step 1: Take your age and multiply by 365. (for me that’s 48 x 365 = 17,520) Step 2: Take 27,375 (the average life span) and … [Read more...]

Professional Assistance IS The Difference Maker

Who is supporting you to build your business? Who is assisting you bypass your limiting barriers to success? In this post I will share the 3 forms of assistance proven to be the difference between struggle and success. Entrepreneurs tend to get into the game for one of 3 reasons. Frustration - … [Read more...]

How To Re-Ignite Your Passion

Are you doing what you are most passionate about? Are you doing what you are most gifted at? If no, WHY NOT? In this post I will share 3 simple steps to re-ignite your passion leading to the results you want in business and life!  If you do not wake up every morning excited and passionate about … [Read more...]

The Blame Game

Do you automatically lay blame when business just doesn’t seem to go your way? Does it serve you in actually moving forward to the results you want? In this post I will share why letting go of blame will lead to the sustainability and then freedom you desire. In my first business I developed a … [Read more...]

3 Keys To Entrepreneurial Freedom

There are 3 keys to Entrepreneurial Freedom! Vision Whether you are just starting in business or have been at it for years take the time to really look at your vision of your Entrepreneurial Life Path and how it aligns with your vision of your wildly ideal life. I believe it was a Covey story that … [Read more...]