The Indivisible Whole Part 1


Are you a one trick pony? Do you tend to focus only on one area of your Thriving Health? In this post I will share the 4 Essential Elements of an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle and how each influences the others to either support your goal or knock you off track once again. Which … [Read more...]

The Blame Game

Do you automatically lay blame when business just doesn’t seem to go your way? Does it serve you in actually moving forward to the results you want? In this post I will share why letting go of blame will lead to the sustainability and then freedom you desire. In my first business I developed a … [Read more...]

No Freedom For Freelancers

Are you paid ONLY when you work live, in person? Does income STOP if you get sick or take a holiday? In this post I will share why entrepreneurial freedom is beyond your reach if you are a freelancer or are employed.   When John decided to evolve beyond his job as a personal fitness trainer he wore … [Read more...]

When Delegating Will Save Time and Money

  I was wasting time and losing money doing it myself! The time had come to evolve the brand of one of my companies. I needed to create a new logo and website header, then add it to my website and change other marketing materials among other things. Rather than effectively delegate to remain … [Read more...]