Smile – The Power Of One Small Act

Smile At Runners

The Power Of One Small Act Smile! “A smile… might mean all the difference in the world to a complete stranger.” Join Our Community Of Entrepreneurs This morning was a perfect morning for a run. With a big smile on my face I headed out the door. The sun was just making an appearance on the horizon and I could feel the warmth of another sunny summer day as I began my walking warm up. I’ve been a runner for many years now. I usually run alone and love the solitude of getting out on nature trails and running where …


Reclaim Health Now That You Have The Time – Here’s How

Taking steps to reclaim health is something that business owners know is important but is something that many continually bump from the daily list of “to dos” for things they see as higher priorities in the moment. Has this been been true for you? If you have shifted to working from home or your business has slowed considerably in light of COVID-19 and it’s global impact, then you may have “found time”. For entrepreneurs “found time” usually defaults to pouring yourself back into your business as there is always something to do.  This, however, is the perfect time to use …