How To Battle Burnout With These 10 Steps

battle burnout

Needing to battle burnout has become alarmingly more prevalent in recent years. It can impact you because of your business, your job, volunteer commitments, or many other aspects of your life.  The path leading into burnout is an unsustainable one, yet it’s one you might find hard to get off of. In order to battle burnout you must first become clear of where and how it’s impacting your world. Use this link to take a simple assessment of burnout and imbalance. It will allow you to see more clearly where it is showing up in your world and how significant …


Assessment First, Before Business And Life Planning

Before you can begin to effectively plan ahead it’s critical to first do an assessment first of where you’ve been. With a proper assessment of the past year in your business and your life you can determine what went well, what did not, and what fell off the rails that may or may not need to be addressed again in the year ahead. “Life can only be understood backward but it must be lived forward.”  Niels Bohr Take the time to understand your life and your business from the past year. Why? Well, here a few reasons that might resonate. …


Aligning My Rudder

Every year between Christmas and New Years I curl up on my office comfy chair with a nice hot mug of coffee, my laptop, and some soothing background music and spend some time reviewing my ideal life and aligning my rudder so that I can set up the year ahead to be the best yet for me, my family and my business. Aligning my rudder is a process I thoroughly enjoy. I believe it is essential to staying aligned with what I truly want for my life. It’s not only a once a year thing like most people’s new year’s …