Speaking Opportunities

Public speaking engagements are a powerful way for me to help you, as a business owner, initiate the positive change needed to experience the success you want in your life.

Are you happy? Truly happy… in all areas of your life or career or business? 

Do you wish things were different at this stage in your life?

Are you on the right path to be where you envision being five years or a decade from now?

If not, how do you break your habitual cycles so you can live and experience what matters most to you every day?

Speaking OpportunitiesAll this and more is covered in my signature presentation entitled “Redefining Success.”

For so many professionals, overwork, overwhelm, and stress have long been a normal part of daily existence—since long before the crises of 2020 hit home. More than ever, working people are on the path of burnout, and this impacts everything, from business bottom lines to people’s home life.

We live in chronically uncertain times. Here in Alberta our economic future has never seemed so unclear. Globally we are reeling from a pandemic, the consequences of which will no doubt be felt for years to come.

In these uncertain times, the only thing we can truly change is ourselves.

So what are you waiting for?

In Redefining Success, I cover many of topics I address in my private executive and life coaching sessions and in my mastermind groups.


Speaking Opportunities With Brent Deliver Vital Insight On…

  • The challenge of finding work-life balance.
  • How to optimize your health as a high achiever.
  • Being able to carve out the time to do things like walk your kids to and from school almost every day.
  • How to grow your business to levels you never thought possible.
  • Finding ways to give back that fit with your life.
  • Conserving energy for the end of the day so you can spend quality time with your kids, spouse, or friends.
  • How to zero in on what you do best, what you love most, and where you make the greatest impact on your world.
  • How to fully support aging parents.
  • Sharpening your focus on the things that energize you and make the biggest difference in your professional and personal life.
  • How to continue scaling new heights as a high achiever as all of the above fall into place.

My signature presentation “Redefining Success” and its follow-up “From Burnout to Balance and Beyond” are currently available online.

I will be resuming in person presentations post-COVID-19 once it becomes safe to do so.

Please contact me here for inquiries about live speaking engagements.