R is for Resolution and Much More!

resolutionIt’s 10 days into the new year and the word resolution is everywhere.  It seems like all the same old diet companies and exercise equipment providers are plastered all over the media with their latest and greatest ways to keep you on track with this year’s resolution.  Look carefully and you will see that most of them are recycled forms of equipment that didn’t work years ago or programs with shiny new packaging on the exterior but nothing really new on the inside.

Instead of repeating the same old patterns and looking for answers in the same old places lets reframe the old resolution concept into something that will work for you.  In doing so let’s make this the year your lifestyle, your health, and your life really take off.

Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not just endured.

3 Other R’s To Help Your Resolution Work

Let these three “R”s guide you into a year ahead that shifts your lifestyle so that you can live your ideal life in abundant health while also being the high achiever in your business that you want to be.

R is for Reflect

Set aside some time over the next few days to reflect on the past year.  Looking back enables you to see what worked and what did not.  It brings it to your conscious awareness.  If you do not consciously reflect you are setting yourself up to repeat old unhealthy patterns with your lifestyle.  Answer these two questions honestly and openly.

What were my 3 greatest accomplishments related to my health in the past year.

What were my 3 greatest challenges with living a healthy lifestyle in the past year.

R is for Renew

Embrace the great choices you made for your self last year and see the lessons you were meant to learn from your challenges. See the patterns you lived that acted to knock you off track.  Renew your commitment to yourself in the year ahead by answering the following question.

What are my top 3 goals or experiences I want to create in living an active healthy lifestyle in they year ahead?

R is for Rocket

Rocket into action.  Keep on doing and reinforcing the things that are working.  Begin to evolve each of them so they support you more and more.  Create a plan to break old unsupportive patterns and replace them with positive actions.  Take baby steps.  Celebrate your successes.  Don’t beat yourself up over slips.  They happen to all of us.  Instead stop, learn, and choose a different action.  Take more baby steps. Then take bigger steps and even bigger ones.  Gradually you’ll be rocketing into the results you deserve and desire.

Here’s to your health and happiness in the year ahead and beyond and if you feel you need support to create the vision, goals, priorities, and action plan to help make it happen the consider my Success Planning Program. I’d love to help!

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