Executive and Life Coaching

Private Executive & Life Coaching creates powerful change! As a business owner driven to succeed, you run the risk of high stress, overwhelm, imbalance, and burnout. That can lead to a decrease in personal productivity, performance, and profitability, which in turn leads to more stress, less work-life balance, and even more burnout.

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Is coaching for me?

You’ve probably heard of “life coaching” and perhaps approach the idea with a bit of healthy scepticism.

My private coaching programs will help you:

Coaching Success1. Expand Your Vision – I will help you see beyond what you thought or knew was possible. You’ll not only see that light at the end of the tunnel, you also see well beyond it to opportunities and a way of living that excites you.

2. Get Centred – I will help you move from chaos and overwhelm to calm, focused, and productive. In doing so you’ll be able to make clear and conscious decisions, focus where you need to, and actually become more productive and profitable.

3. Find Your Blind Spots – I will help you see into your blind spots in business and life even when you cannot see them yourself. By having a second set of eyes in your world you can overcome or bypass obstacles that would normally trip you up. You can keep progressing faster than you would on your own.

4. Manage Conflict – I will help you navigate conflict effectively and quickly, so that it does not continue to weigh on you and negatively impact your world. Sometimes that’s dealing with others, but often the conflict management required is getting you past your biggest barrier—yourself.

5. Achieve Work-Life Balance – High achievers know that a high level of productivity and profitability is only sustainable when you have balance in your life. I will help you see the value of work-life balance, create it in your world, and then help you stay on track as you live it and reap the rewards.

6. Have A Sounding Board – Business owners tend to not let their guard down and appear vulnerable or weak to competitors, to clients, to employees, to partners, or anyone else, including family. I will work to build trust with you that leads to authentic and open conversations and a chance for you to be vulnerable in a safe space—thereby letting you explore ideas you might otherwise not even consider.

7. Find And Plug Energy Leaks – We all have deep-seated habits, many of which once served us well but likely no longer do. I will help you see what these unconscious habits are and how they impact you, and, once identified, how to shift them into a mode of being that serves you once again.

Ready for the coaching support you need?

If this resonates with you, contact me today.

We’ll schedule a one-hour complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and begin to get at the heart of your needs for change. Commit one hour and it could change your world.

If you’re reading this you’re almost certainly a natural high achiever or want to become one. This means you run the risk of high stress, overwhelm, imbalance, and burnout, which in turn leads to decreased productivity, performance, and profitability. This results in more stress, more focus on work, more overwhelm, even less balance, and even more burnout.

It’s a vicious cycle with very real consequences—to your business, to your family life, and to your mental and physical health.

Change nothing and nothing changes! 

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