Meet Brent Haydey

Brent Haydey – Executive and Life Coach, Mastermind Group Facilitator!

I am passionate about supporting business owners to design their businesses and their lives so that they can generate the wealth they want and make the impact they want while also embracing, enjoying and fully living their ideal lives. 

Brent Haydey
Brent Haydey

So who is Brent Haydey? Well, I’m a…

Husband – Father – Son – Friend – Adventurer – Teacher – Coach – Facilitator – Speaker – Author – Abundant Health Advocate – Entrepreneur

I am the founder and President of Brent Haydey Enterprises, the company through which I deliver Entrepreneurial Freedom and The Abundant Health Lifestyle.

I believe deeply that life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured.

My entrepreneurial journey thus far has led me to strive to continually experience the harmony of abundant wealth and a thriving business, abundant health, and the connectedness of deep, meaningful relationships with those who matter most to me.

As a result of my long journey of developing business and work life balance mastery, I have learned many important lessons that now have me firmly set on my path of entrepreneurial freedom and living more and more of my ideal life with each passing day.

Am I “there” yet?

No, there is no “there”. It is not a destination. There is only the path that is ones life.

The entrepreneurial freedom I now embrace is more than financial wealth and freedom alone. It’s more than my business. It’s an evolving state of being including those things and much more. To me it’s about living every area of my life filled in pure joy, happiness, contribution, and meaning.

Personally I live my ideal life in an ever evolving way. Here is a glimpse of where I am currently at in my journey.

  • I get to work every day doing something that I love and that I’m great at! I cannot imagine a greater contribution to the world than helping people overcome their limiting barriers to break through to the freedom they desire. It’s rewarding, fulfilling, and even humbling to see the massive transformation people are capable of with their businesses, their health, and their lives.
  • I am free to spend all the time I want with my daughter Maya. This was so important to me during her infant and toddler years as I was able to share in so many milestones I would have had to experience via video or might have missed altogether. Now we walk to and from school most every day and we both love that quality time together.
  • As my mother faced the difficult challenges of a terminal illness I was free to support her with all that she needed.  I was so grateful to be able to be there for her and my father.
  • With my father’s health declining I am well positioned to support him as he continues his transition to life in a continuing care centre. The sandwich generation can be tough for us entrepreneurs.
  • My wife Gail and I are avid travelers who love to experience uncommon corners of the earth.  As Maya gets older we are positioned perfectly to share this love with her whenever and wherever we want.
  • Gail and I have a love of SCUBA diving.  With so much of the world’s surface underwater it is a natural for the explorers that we are.  To one day dive with the monstrous whale shark is a dream of mine equaled perhaps by seeing the elusive narwhal in the arctic wild.
Image of Brent Haydey's dream dive - whaleshark
The monstrous whale shark!
  • I love to learn about varied cultures, past and present, and feel it adds to my understanding of human nature.  Not only can we travel and spend time experiencing in this manner but it adds to the value I contribute in the work I do.
  • Spending time in nature and away from “big city life” ranks up there as an ideal day, especially when it is on a tropical beach or hiking in the mountains.
  • I love to run.  It plays a wonderful role in my life positively impacting my physical health, emotional health, and influencing and inspiring friends and clients alike.  To me there are few things that rank up with a sunrise run on a tropical beach to start the day.
  • I love to experience my ideal life by constantly expanding my context and stretching outside my personal comfort zone through a variety of fun, exhilarating, and adventurous activities. I have a blast with this but also love to support clients and friends to stretch too as they experience their ideal lives.
  • I’m also somewhat of a history buff. I love to learn about history, especially of sport, music, and culture. Visiting Yankee stadium with my dad, and all it’s history in it’s final season was an amazing experience.
  • Gail and I are in the process of establishing our philanthropic dreams.  We are committed to making an impact on the education, health, and entrepreneurial dreams of those less fortunate than ourselves.  With Gail as an educator and me as an entrepreneur coming from the health realm we are co-creating a perfect balance between all three to make an impact locally and globally.  Truly co-created and truly US!  As our ideal lives continue to evolve our time and energy will be able to be committed more and more to this vision.

I BELIEVE that an ideal life awaits for all willing to commit to their personal and entrepreneurial journey. I am confident that I can help you transform your business and your life to deliver the ideal life that you have always dreamt of.

Brent Haydey Can Help You

I’d love the opportunity to help you achieve and live your ideal life. There are a number of ways I can help. Mastermind Groups, Private Executive and Life Coaching and more. Contact me today. Let’s arrange to discuss your dreams and goals and see if I’m the right fit to help you achieve them.

The Haydeys
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