Living in Unlimited Bliss
Sitting atop a dormant volcano in Guatemala overlooking one that was actually erupting at that moment!

What is living in Unlimited Bliss?

To me living in bliss is living in a state of conscious awareness where I get to choose my state of being in an given moment of time. It is being in optimal health as I define it, being consciously considerate of others, choosing happiness over sadness, love over fear, abundance over scarcity. It is removing resistance from my life. It is laughing everyday.

Living in bliss is doing the things I love to do often, learning to accept doing the things required by daily living in north american society, and not doing the things I have no passion for.

Living in bliss is having things in my life to support my being. Having things that make life more fun, more comfortable while not being overly attached to those things and not being overly materialistic in my desires.

I know, you may be thinking that it’s not possible to live in bliss all the time as I describe it. Maybe not. The point is that it is how I strive to live all the time. When I fall off track, and I do just like everyone else, I catch myself before it goes on too long and shift back on track.

You may also be thinking my life is not even close to realizing some of this or any of it for that matter. Maybe not but we start from where we are. We cannot go back in time and change things. We can only wake up to where we are in this moment and start from there. Baby steps lead to bigger steps which lead to giant leaps. Live in bliss in each step along your journey. It is not a destination. It is a state of being. A choice. One you can make right now in one degree or another. Why not start with something simple like choosing happiness. Each morning begin the day by telling yourself you are choosing happiness. Lots of things might come up to try to throw you from this state of bliss but each time they do reaffirm your choice and move forward. Try it! You might just love it.


Brent’s training approach is aimed at success

The most exciting benefit from the coaching was the immediate identification of a personal negative belief system that I didn’t even realize existed!

Sue Morter
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