I Am

Sometimes you get it but do you really GET IT?

Once you GET IT do you USE IT?

In this post I will share the single most powerful shift in positioning that firmly placed me on track with my entrepreneurial path.  

Very early on my entrepreneurial path I was not accountable in my actions, language, or beliefs. I quite easily and often unconsciously swung from blaming my business partner, some clients, or some other factor to blaming myself for our lack of results. The back and forth shift of blame kept me firmly in a position of feeling powerless to change my experience of business and life.

believeI did not believe I was capable of achieving what I dreamt of achieving. I did not see what I had within… yet. I felt it had to come from others and they became easy to blame when it did not go well.

Ultimately and inevitably a crash occurred, in my business and in my life.

Through my rise from the ashes I began to see my position in my situation and began to open up to being accountable but that was only a first step.

With greater accountability I was able to see things differently and react from a more conscious position more of the time.

I continued to grow, awaken and understand. I was introduced to the concept of being the source and cause of my experiences and results which aligns nicely with being personally accountable.

I have the power within me. It’s always been there. I just needed to clear the path to tapping into that power.

My business, my message, my position, my authority, my value and everything else I have to offer is right there within me!

My ability to continually learn new business mastery and apply all I have learned is within me!

My ability to reach out and have an incredible impact of the lives and businesses of so many is within me!

I understood it. Intellectually I got it.

Still my results were only gradually shifting.

It was not until I GOT it that things really began to change for me. When I really took to heart the concept that I am the source and cause of my experiences and results and really believed it I began to feel differently and I began to ACT differently.

Different actions based on different feelings based on a new belief led to different results!

Now, as Jay Fiset puts it, “my life happens from me, my life does not happen to me”.

Check out Jay’s brief video to frame this concept even more completely.

When you GET this concept and embrace it in your actions your business will take off and your life will flourish just as you want it to.


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your success,


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Best money that I have ever spent on myself

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Jeff McGinn