How To Be Ready For Change

Are you ready for real change with your lifestyle and your life? It’s pretty easy to say yes but when it comes down to actually taking the necessary action the stories and the excuses begin. Then again you might automatically feel that you are not ready yet.


When you begin to think about making a fresh start in living an active, healthy lifestyle what comes up? Listen to your inner voice?

Are you hearing something like “once I…, then I’ll be ready to start”, where any number of things can fill in after once I. Things like, once…

  • I get through this work project
  • I get in better shape
  • I deal with my relationship issues with my spouse
  • my kids soccer or hockey or dance or gymnastics season ends
  • lose some weight
  • find some more time

Have you ever noticed that whenever you tend to get a handle on any of these types of things or they are completed something else jumps in to take their place?

Have you considered that by actually starting your process for change, in an effective manner that works within your busy world, that you will actually increase your energy, your focus, and your ability to handle all of life’s little stresses that come along?

Waiting for someday that will never likely arrive runs a significant risk that 6 months or a year down the road you’ll be using the same stories to keep you stuck in inaction. Do so and the gap between where you are right now, along with the issues you want resolved, and where you want to go along with the Thriving Health vision you have for your life, will remain exactly as it is. In fact the gap may widen and your health and well being may slide even further with inaction.

As Lao Tsu says… “A journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step.”

Your Next Step

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