How To Add 90 Minutes To Your Day

Are you time stressed?

In this post I will share how you can regain 90 minutes in your day with one simple change.

This summer has been a particularly challenging one in making progress on a few key business goals that I had set for myself, including writing these posts.

Between working to list and sell a rental property, considering selling my own home and buying another, and spending quality summer time with my wife and daughter, there hasn’t been much left at the end of the day… and summer’s half over!

Time, or lack thereof, is inevitably a factor every entrepreneur faces. When you’re not able to get things done to your liking it becomes easy to blame your lack of time. But when you ready dissect your day you can probably find at least one thing you can cut back on or even out altogether to free up time so you can focus it where you need to most.

This week I re-discovered one such thing.

Over-consumption of the news!

newsWe all tend to consume the daily news on TV, in newspapers, online, and elsewhere. When you add up all the time you spend consuming news it could easily range from 30 – 90 minutes a day. It did for me. Typically I’d watch the national news and perhaps sports highlights over breakfast in the morning then again in the evening. Occasionally late news as well. Not only was it the same stuff over and over but the vast majority of it was really irrelevant stuff having little or no direct impact on my life or my business.

We could all do away with much of the news and our lives would not miss a beat and when there is something of importance happening you’ve probably got someone who tends to keep you informed.

So this week I’m doing a little test. NO NEWS FOR 7 FULL DAYS.

Not on TV, no newspapers, not online through websites or apps I’ve used. After a week I’ll see if I’ve missed out on anything critical. If I miss it too much the fall back I’ll consider is this.

I’ll identify a well connected friend and arrange a news highlights chat once a day for no more than 10 minutes.

Imagine reclaiming 90 minutes every day; even 30 minutes? What would you turn your focus to during that time? That is the key behind doing this and what I’ll be discovering as the week unfolds.

I invite you to do the same and comment on the challenges that come up as well as the productive progress you make.

And… if it’s not the news then what else can you reduce or eliminate daily to reclaim time for what’s truly important?


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your success,


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2 thoughts on “How To Add 90 Minutes To Your Day”

  1. I haven’t watched, read or listened to a news article/broadcast for years (mostly due to the lack of positive (feel good) stories. I have never felt out of touch with the major news stories as they are always the source of conversations at work and in social circles. Upon hearing of an event, I then have the choice to actively seek more information on the topic.
    So good luck Brent- hope you find your 90 minutes!

  2. Love how you frame that Laura. That’s pretty much my experience too! It’s all about being consciously selective of what to consume and what to avoid. What’s serves me versus what wastes my time.

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