How Peace Leads To Success

What does being at peace mean to you?

Just for a moment think about the inner turmoil that tends to consume your energy, waste your time, and impact your business.

How often does that happen? For many entrepreneurs it’s probably much more than you’d care to admit, even to yourself!

In this post I will share how peace leads to success, by overcoming your inner turmoil and redirecting much needed energy and time.


To me, being at peace means 2 things.

First, it means acceptance. Acceptance of what currently is. While you may not like what currently is you cannot move forward from it until you accept it as a part of your currently reality.

For example you may not be happy with the fact you do not have enough clients and the last prospect said no leaving you worried and frustrated. First you need to accept that they said no. It is the current reality.

From acceptance you can now choose.

You can choose to take the action that will lead to the change you desire.

This may include assessing the “no” to understand how and why it came to be so that you can change your approach and process for future prospects. You may work to deepen your relationship (and influence) with this prospect and gain trust for the possibility of a yes in the future.

If, however, you cannot control the change you desire or influence it, you can choose to change how feel about it and respond to it.

Perhaps this was simply not the right prospect for you and your business and they saw it before you did. Being able to accept that and let it go is powerful shift that could impact your pre-screening process of future prospects, saving you time and energy leading to a greater likelihood of a YES!

Finally you can choose to continue to do nothing except to wish it were different.

You may continue to wonder why they said no. Why they rejected you. What would have worked to get the yes. You may hold onto anger, resentment, frustration, blame of them or yourself, and fear of what should have been or what now without the anticipated income.

All of this, of course, continues to consume your energy and waste your time.

The second thing being in peace means to me is living in the moment. Far too many people are stressed out by living in the past, what should have been, or by being overly focused on the future, what you hope will be. The doing nothing part in the example above is exactly this.

If you are not living in peace the word “should” is likely a predominant one in your vocabulary. Being anywhere but here and now, in this moment, is really a huge waste of your energy and subsequently your time!

Create peace and you will find time!

Find time and channel your energy effectively and you will experience the successful results you desire.

It’s as simple as that! Really!


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your success,


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