Happiness, Life’s Too Short For Anything Else!


Life's Too Short For anything else!

“Are you happy?”



It all starts with a simple question!

Are you happy? I was reflecting on a post about happiness that I wrote way back in 2012 called “Daddy Are You Happy?” after a powerful experience with my, then, 3 year old daughter. It got me focused, once again, on what a perfect question it really is to ask on a regular basis.

Are you happy?

Sure your answer may be more complicated than a simple yes or no but this is where it all has to start.

Be honest and truthful. Straight from your heart. Did your inner voice lean towards a yes or a no?

I’ve worked with all kinds of people who had significant ah ha moments by just being 100% truthful with themselves in answering this first, powerful, and enlightening question.

So often you get caught up in what someone else says happiness is that you end up miserable because that’s not how you see it. 

One client worked long hours and didn’t really have much of a social life outside of work. They were constantly told they worked too much and should get out and have fun. The thing is, they loved what they did. They worked within their business in a way that tapped their strengths and their passions and they had other people and effective systems for everything else. They were making a difference and contributing in a way that aligned with their values, vision, and purpose. 

Hearing that they ought to change caused inner conflict and took away from their every day experience at work and away from it.

Once they were able to see past this and see what truly made them happy they experienced a massive shift in perspective and acceptance of who they are and how they love to live.

“One persons happiness is not everyones!”



One persons happiness is not everyones!

At other times you end up miserable because you’re involved in too many things you‘d rather not be doing. You wish things were different but don’t know how to change your current reality.

This is very typical of so many business owners. I’ve worked with countless people who either have too much on their plate or are focused on doing things that don’t align with their vision. 

I’ve had the experience of too many things on my plate in trying to be a bookkeeper, a computer programmer, or a social media marketer at different times instead of focusing more on where it should be…

coaching and supporting my membership community.

A client of mine came to the realization that involvement on the board of directors for a specific organization was requiring work that was neither a passion nor a strength and it became an energy drainer to them. It no longer aligned with their vision.


“Assessing unhappiness is the first step towards actually being happy.”


Question happiness at a deeper level

Once you admit to yourself that you are generally happy or unhappy, then what? Well, if you are truly happy, GREAT! Keep doing what you are doing and enjoy life. If, however, you are unhappy in some small way then it’s time to take it to the next step of questioning.

Consider my 7 pillars of real success and now ask yourself about your happiness in each specific pillar using the questions below.

Pillar #1: Meaning

Am I happy with how aligned I live with my core values, my purpose, and the vision or direction I have for my life?

Pillar #2: Mindset

Am I happy with my attitude, my beliefs, and how they show up in the world through my actions?

Pillar #3: Contribution

Am I happy with the roles I take on in my business, career, and any other organizations I belong to or support?

Pillar #4: Vitality

Am I happy with the things I do to add life to my years?

Pillar #5: Longevity

Am I happy with the things I do to add years to my life?

Pillar #6: Connection

Am I happy with the people in my life and the level of connection and interaction I have with them?

Pillar #7: Money

Am I happy with how I frame money and wealth and the level at which I create it?

You can question even deeper!

Seven deeper questions in seven key areas of life that can open your eyes to see more clearly where you are happy and where you are not.

With my clients I go even further than this. For each of the 7 pillars of real success I delve into several more specific questions that allow you to get further to the heart of any happiness or unhappiness that you feel. It allows a much more direct path towards embracing positive living and prioritizing change, creating a plan, and carrying it out for aspects that are off track.

Why begin with that simple question… Are you happy?

Because life’s too short for anything but a yes.

Contact me if you need help in creating more happiness in your world.


So What's Your Next Step?

Creating the change you want can be hard if you go it alone. 


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