Daddy Are You Happy

Daddy Are You Happy?

Genuine Compassion

“Life’s too short for anything but a yes.”



It’s the perfect question!

I picked up Maya and she gently put her hands on my cheeks, looked very careingly into my eyes and asked “Daddy, are you happy?” Oh, the look of genuine compassion. I melted, smiled, then said yes sunshine, I am very happy.

She’s done this on more than one occasion and I’ll admit that once it was her way of making sure everything was cool between us after she had misbehaved. But the other times were different. At the ripe old age of 3 my little Maya has embraced compassion, conscious consideration of others, and support in her still very new world. I am so proud!

It got me thinking though. What a perfect question to ask ourselves now and then. What a perfect question to assess our current reality. Now I get that your answer may not be as simple as yes or no and life is complicated involving many different areas. In spite of that just answer it… from the heart.

“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed, and fully lived; not merely endured!”



Overall in your life… are you happy?

If it’s no, if you hesitate from saying yes, if you heard your inner voice saying ya but, if somewhere inside there is lingering doubt (even though you might be afraid to admit it to yourself or others) then it’s time to stop, step back a moment and see why that’s the case. 

Be honest and tell yourself the truth. 

Then act to begin the process of change that will lead to you answering a definitive YES.

Life’s Too Short For Any Other Response

That action might be the start of a whole life change. It might simply be jumping out a rut you’ve been in to do that one little thing that will mean so much on a given day or in a given area of your life.

But maybe it means accepting and embracing how certain things are already so you can stop trying to change them because society, media, or people in your world say you should.

What are you actually happy with that others are trying to convince you that you are not? Letting go of this too will lead to happiness.

There is no one path to being happy, and it is NOT as destination. It is a state of being that comes from our assessment of where we are at then making the adjustments within and externally to our environment and our lives to make it so.

So in the words of one Jean Luc Picard… “Make it so!” And if you need some help, contact me and I will help you get started!


So What's Your Next Step?

Creating the change you want can be hard if you go it alone. 



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