Thais McKee Testimonial Of Entrepreneurial Freedom


I LOVE MY LIFE! As usual, to begin our bi-monthly coaching session, business coach Brent asked me to sum up how I was feeling that which I replied: "I LOVE MY LIFE"! I was over the moon and told him so. He was pleasantly surprised and I bet pleased. You see, I began working with … [Read more...]

Samantha Parker Testimonial Of Entrepreneurial Freedom

Samantha Parker Testimonial of Entrepreneurial Freedom

After spending a few hours in his workshop, I felt a fog was lifted from me. I've had the pleasure of knowing Brent for a few years now. Brent is a kind, caring and understanding person. He will really listen to you and help you come to your own conclusions. I attended Brent's workshop. … [Read more...]

Candice Smiley Testimonial of Entrepreneurial Freedom


I have worked with Brent Haydey in a couple of masterminds now... and week after week I am blown away by the consistency, compassion and skill that he brings to the table. This is a tough letter to write… to try to get all of the thoughts and emotions onto one piece of paper. I have worked … [Read more...]

Colleen Heidecker Testimonial of Entrepreneurial Freedom


After the workshop a group of us joined Brent's "Entrepreneurial Freedom" online coaching community. I met Brent Haydey a few months ago and was thrilled when he announced he was offering an Entrepreneurial Freedom workshop. I had been wanting a chance to attend and learn more about creating … [Read more...]

Mikolaj Raszek Testimonial of Entrepreneurial Freedom

Samantha Parker Testimonial of Entrepreneurial Freedom

If you are the type of personality that thrives on well planned schedules but has struggled in their proper design, Brent will be an excellent resource and assistance to help you reach these goals. I had a chance to go see Brent Haydey's abridged version of his life coaching services earlier … [Read more...]