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The Present Moment – Tales From The Tropics

Slow down.  Really slow down and allow yourself to become totally there in the present moment.  What do you see?  What do you feel?  Connect with all of your senses for just a moment and allow it to be exactly as it will be.  At one with your world.  At one with nature and all it’s beauty.  Let go of later, to do lists, timelines, and be totally here right now in the present moment. Feel the stress and worry simply melt away. Just like that TV commercial where the guy is cruising along in his sports car and time …


Tropical Bliss

Moments of bliss occur every day in our lives if we choose to see them. I have found this to be especially evident when traveling anywhere away from home. Recently I was fortunate enough to travel to Kauai, Hawaii and in planning to go there I committed myself to learning to surf. I have snow boarded the slopes of the Canadian rockies and have even sand boarded on the massive sand dunes in Huacachina, Peru but have never surfed. This was my opportunity to complete the surfing trilogy of water, sand, and snow. The weather was beautiful, the surf had …


Living in Unlimited Bliss

What is living in Unlimited Bliss? To me living in bliss is living in a state of conscious awareness where I get to choose my state of being in an given moment of time. It is being in optimal health as I define it, being consciously considerate of others, choosing happiness over sadness, love over fear, abundance over scarcity. It is removing resistance from my life. It is laughing everyday. Living in bliss is doing the things I love to do often, learning to accept doing the things required by daily living in north american society, and not doing the …