Weekday Vegetarian


Have you ever thought about being a vegetarian?  How about simply wanting or feeling a need to reduce something in your diet that does not support your healthy lifestyle goals? This video has some interesting ideas around food choices AND about eating habits and patterns.  Check out the video and … [Read more...]

Resolutions Again!

Seed the foundation of your Thriving Health!

Did you make New Year’s resolutions again this year? If so you’re not alone.  Every year at this time of year an all to common occurrence happens.  It starts with this year I really resolve to ... in the middle it might describe dieting, losing weight, starting an exercise program, joining a gym, … [Read more...]

Winds of Change

Creating the space for more time with my family!

The summer of 2009 has been one of significant change in our household.  We celebrated Maya’s 1st birthday by having some beautiful pictures taken, including several with her in the midst of a cake smashing frenzy.  Classic!  We took in some of Edmonton’s wonderful festivals, spent many hot sunny … [Read more...]