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I’ll Sleep When I Die

Sleep Deprivation

I’ll Sleep When I Die The Entrepreneurs Call To Arms “One sleepless night, no problem, but…” join our community of entrepreneurs I’ll sleep when I die! The call to arms of the entrepreneur. One of several badges of honour business owners tend to hold tightly to and one that needs to change; big time. Do you know of a business owner with that mindset? You know, you see them in the mornings with bags under their eyes looking worse for wear. They always seem to be gulping down cup after cup of coffee every day, maybe all day. Then if …


Pandemic Fatigue – 5 Steps To Reverse Engineer Your Way Out

Pandemic Fatigue Burnout

Pandemic Fatigue 5 Steps To Reverse Engineer Your Way Out “what if you chose not to blame… anyone?” join our community of entrepreneurs Pandemic Fatigue Is Real! Pandemic fatigue is real and can have a significant impact on you and your every day experience. With some degree of worry, frustration, anger, fear, and uncertainty possibly plaguing you for well over a year now, it’s easy to understand why the fatigue is real. The question is what to do about it? While there is no easy answer I believe it is always helpful to look within to start. It’s easy to …


Obesity, The Diet Trap And Entrepreneurs

Recently the obesity rate of the US adult population was reported to have increased to 42.4%. That’s nearly half of all adults in the US! It’s scary considering all of the associated health risks. For a business owner experiencing obesity, being overweight or a downward trend with your health there are additional factors that can increase those risks considerably. Entrepreneurs tend to face a significant amount of stress. That stress may come from uncertainty in your industry or the economy or other factors beyond your control.  Business owners tend to be private, guarded people who keep things inside for a …


Benefits of Enjoying the Outdoors

I love being outdoors. In fact as I write this I am sitting on my back deck enjoying the warmth of the summer sun, the sound of a squirrel chirping, and the clean fresh air. There are so many great benefits of enjoying the outdoors but I sometimes find it necessary to remind myself of them because I can get caught up in the daily grind of work like you or many others might. I often speak about things like renewing your energy on a regular basis, taking micro breaks, nurture days, quarterly retreats, and going on vacation. But why …


Edmonton Trails For Walking, Hiking, Running, and Cycling: Brents Favourites

Edmonton trails in our river valley and beyond are some of the most beautiful trails in all of North America. The Edmonton trails include the largest stretch of urban parkland in all of North America! That’s over 150 kilometres of trails. It’s 22 times the size of New York’s Central Park. With all of that green space at our disposal, and accessible most pretty much all year long, there’s no excuse not to get out and be active. Thought I’d share a few of my favourite spots that might just motivate you to get out, enjoy nature, be active and …