Carrying Stress – Put The Glass Down

Are you a business owner who is constantly carrying stress everywhere you go? In doing so, does it pervade every aspect of your life?

This 1 minute and 26 second video has been making the social media rounds recently and it caught my eye. Take a moment and watch it. It has a powerful message we all really need to be reminded of every now and then.

Video credit to Knowable

As I watched I thought about being overworked and overwhelmed at times in my own day to day life and the lives of many of my clients and so many entrepreneurs I know. I think we, as business owners, have a unique pressure on us that tends to lead us into carrying stress; too much and for far too long.

Of course much of it is self imposed. Some is imposed by other people. Some is imposed by factors not within our control or influence yet it has a tremendous impact on us. This might include the current state of the economy, the level of our dollar in relation to the US, the weather, our competition, and on and on.

How I saw this video is that…

The stresses and worries in the businesses and lives of self employed, freelance consultants, and small business owners are very much like the glass of water described.

  • When they weigh on you for a moment or two it’s no problem, you handle it with ease.
  • Hold onto them for 1 hour and they begin to hurt.
  • Carry them all day and they impact your focus and productivity and maybe your bottom line.
  • Carry them for days, weeks, even months and they become paralyzing at work and at home, affecting your business, your health, and the people in your world.

Image of carrying stress

Carrying Stress. The simple advice… 

…remember to put the glass down!

Sounds simple but in business it’s easier said than done.

Here are 3 reasons you’ll find it hard to put the glass down.

  1. Old habits die hard and will continue to unconsciously operate to drive stress up.
  2. Your inner voice, and the beliefs that are tied to it and your stress, will continue to chatter within you holding on to your stressful path.
  3. Finally, the external stresses already mentioned continue to drive a wedge between you, releasing stress and the freedom you need to have the positive and productive business and life that you want.

Removing this weight of the world from your shoulders is difficult, if not impossible to do alone. If you are a business owner (or know of one) who cannot or will not put the glass down, continue carrying stress, and it’s taking it’s toll please contact me. I can help.

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