Burnout And Balance Assessment

An assessment of how out of balance your life is and how burnout is affecting you is critical.

Burnout, and the debilitating exhaustion that can accompany it, is one of the end results of making business your ultimate priority and doing it all backwards.

Burnout and Balance Assessment

The need to design your business around your ideal life, and NOT the other way around, is at the heart of overcoming your burnout so that you can minimize the impact it ever has over you again.

An assessment of where you’ve been out of balance and some of the root causes behind your burnout will help determine where the focus of your pathway of change needs to be.

Assessment Guidelines

Take a moment and read each question below. Be 100% truthful with yourself in rating how often it is a factor in your world.

Give yourself a rating from 1-5 based on the following scale of answers. Add up all of your answers for a total number.

Not at All – 1

Rarely – 2

Sometimes – 3

Often – 4

Very Often – 5

Burnout and Work-Life Balance Assessment

  1. When it comes to choosing between work and my family, I choose work.
  2. When it comes to choosing between work and myself and my health, I choose work.
  3. I find that I cannot get done all that is needed to be done each day.
  4. I don’t spend enough time on the work I’m best at and most passionate about doing.
  5. I may complete tasks but struggle to motivate myself with many of the tasks or roles I have to take on in my business. My drive is not there.
  6. I work well beyond “typical” work hours and take my work home with me. I am connected or working late into the evenings, at personal or family events, and even on vacation. I can’t stop thinking about work.
  7. I make poor food choices (at restaurants, with fast food, with alcohol, at home).
  8. I feel run down and physically, mentally, or emotionally drained.
  9. I find that I am more forgetful than usual.
  10. I am not able to stay focused and concentrate as much as I need to.
  11. My level of work productivity is lower than normal and seems to be sliding.
  12. I feel powerless to change the current reality, fearing it might negatively impact business and revenue.
  13. I have no one to talk to about my business and personal challenges.
  14. I tend to be withdrawn and avoid the people I care about most.
  15. I am more negative, cynical and judgemental than normal.
  16. I tend to be argumentative, lose my cool, and snap at others more than usual.
  17. When I first wake up in the morning I feel exhausted and not energized, even when I have a good sleep.
  18. I have moments in my workday where I feel I could fall asleep and I have no “gas in the tank” at the end of the day.
  19. I seem to be getting sick a lot.
  20. My overall health (obesity, heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, headaches, back pain, etc.) is getting increasingly worse and it’s got me worried.

Now, before going any further, take a moment to reflect on the questions you just answered. Did any stand out? Did you have an ah ha moment type of insight?

That alone can give direction and priority to your focus as you create your plan for change.

Out of BalanceAssessment Done, Now What?

Next, total your scores for all 20 questions.

If you scored below 40 then burnout may not be too significant of an impact on your business and your life. You will still benefit from specifically addressing any questions that you answered 3, 4 or 5 so you can prevent burnout from becoming a more significant issue and create better balance in your world.

If you scored between 40 – 59 then burnout and feeling out of balance may be limiting your success at work and experience of life. Taking steps now can prevent sliding into a space that is very difficult to overcome.

If you scored 60 and higher then burnout is likely a factor having a negative impact on your business and your life. It may be significantly limiting your ability to achieve and live with the balance you desire while maintaining the success you need. Taking steps to alleviate your burnout and beginning the process of change to create the balance you desire is highly recommended.

Ready to take action from this assessment?

If taking this assessment has been a bit of a wake up call and you’re now ready to make the significant changes you need to be the high achiever you want to be in your business and in your industry AND you want to do so while also creating the freedom and balance you need to live your ideal life then contact me today. Let’s talk further about your needs and how I might be able to help.


This tool uses an informal approach to the assessment of burnout. While it may be intuitively useful, it has not been validated through controlled scientific tests and must therefore not be used as a diagnostic technique. Please, therefore, interpret the results with common sense. Also, make allowances for any recent events that may have a disproportionate influence on your mood at the time you take this assessment!

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