Being Thankful On Thanksgiving And Every Day

I am thankfulWhat are you thankful for in your little corner of the world right now?

Thanksgiving Day is upon us once again. The day we gather to share a meal with family and friends, to celebrate togetherness and all we have to be thankful for.

Often we tend to get into an unconscious routine in our lives. Sometimes holidays like Thanksgiving Day can become one of those routine days that has lost some of its meaning. We take the day off, someone cooks a turkey, we eat… a lot, and we spend time with people.

I thought I’d do a quick search to remind myself of some of the origins of this day we celebrate on the second Monday every October and some of the meaning around it.

Here’s what I found.

The very first Thanksgiving Day celebration was in 1578 when explorer Martin Frobisher and his crew paused to celebrate and give thanks for their safe arrival in what is now Nunavut.

The US recognizes their first Thanksgiving celebration of the harvest as having occurred in 1621 in Massachusetts. 

Communal feasts to celebrate the fall harvest are something Indigenous peoples in North America have been doing long before the arrival of European settlers.

The US government settled on the 4th Thursday of November to celebrate this day annually. 

In Canada it actually jumped around a fair bit until our government settled on the 2nd Monday of October for our Thanksgiving Day.

The point of it all is that there is a long tradition in North America of pausing to celebrate all we have to be thankful for and those in our lives to be thankful to.

Build being thankful into your daily routine

It can be easy to get caught up in your day to day busyness. Being stressed by the many urgencies you feel or that are pushed upon you by others can overwhelm and pull you off track from what matters. It can be easy to be influenced by social media, mainstream news, and even the chatter of those you interact with daily and that can push you towards resentment and divisiveness in your community and beyond. There are so many ways you can forget or limit your focus on all that is actually really great in your world, including some pretty amazing people.

This Thanksgiving Day I hope you enjoy togetherness with the most important people in your life. I also hope you pause to reflect on all that you have and give thanks in some way for it.

Positive gratitude, specifically acknowledging what you are grateful for and who you are grateful to, can lead to a powerful attitude shift within. That attitude shift can parlay into you acting differently and being different in the days ahead.

Imagine you being more of the you that you really want to be. Imagine those around you responding in kind and showing up to be more of their true selves. 

A happier and healthy existence I would think.

So… enjoy and celebrate your Thanksgiving Day. But how about being thankful and showing gratitude every day.

Here’s something to consider. Every night, as a part of your wind down routine, consider including a Daily Moment of Gratitude. It’s simple and quick. Here’s how.

Your Daily Moment of Gratitude

  • Name 3 things you are thankful to have in your life (including within your business)
  • Name 3 people you are grateful for being in your life and why

Write each down on a piece of paper or say them out loud to yourself. Why? So as not to have your inner filter change it on you or diminish it in any way. 

Do you have a spouse or kids? Include them to take it to an even higher level. Take turns sharing together and see the power of gratitude build.

Try it for one week. See your attitude shift. Then just keep on going every night!

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