About Entrepreneurial Freedom

What is Entrepreneurial Freedom?

Entrepreneurial Freedom is about much more than financial wealth and freedom alone. It’s about more than business. It’s an evolving state of being, which includes these things and much more. Entrepreneurial Freedom fills every area of your life with joy, happiness, contribution, and meaning.

Entrepreneurial Freedom is not a destination. It is the path you walk and the life you live.

Achieving entrepreneurial freedom wasn’t an easy path for me. Quite the opposite in fact. But in falling into so many entrepreneurial traps and learning the resulting valuable lessons, I grew. In experiencing the tragic toll that a “business at all costs” mindset can have on my health and the most important relationships in my life, I woke up. Then by slowly and gradually using my difficult lessons to rebuild my own life, I saw that many others were on the same path as me.

I realized that with my background in health and wellness, my personal lifelong experiences, as well as my background of teaching, training, coaching, mentoring and facilitation, that I could make a real difference in the lives of others.

Why Entrepreneurial Freedom Exists?

My passion is to support a growing community of entrepreneurs just like you to achieve the freedom that you need to create and experience your best life while you continue to grow the thriving business that you love.

It’s to help you achieve peak personal performance and productivity, but not at the expense of your health or happiness.

Entrepreneurial Freedom was created to fulfill that mission.

In the 30+ years of my career and the 15+ years as a coach and mentor I have directly supported thousands of people to overcome the barriers keeping them stuck and enduring a life they wish was different. I helped them to create another path forward and to take the critical steps to achieve balance and live their ideal life. And for those that are business owners, that meant doing so while also growing a thriving business they love.

Most of us live as though the goals of our best life were far away. In fact, they are there to be seized at any moment—if you have the right set of eyes and the tools with which to see them.

Entrepreneurial Freedom is about zeroing in on what those goals and dreams really are, in business and in life, so that you can create change and freedom and achieve the success that matters most to you in business and in life. 

Let’s get started with a FREE consultation… or join me in my online community. I look forward to our adventure together!