About Entrepreneurial Freedom

What is Entrepreneurial Freedom?

To me Entrepreneurial Freedom is about much more than financial wealth and freedom alone. It’s about more than business. It’s an evolving state of being, which includes these things and much more. Entrepreneurial Freedom fills every area of my life with joy, happiness, contribution, and meaning.

Entrepreneurial Freedom is not a destination. It is the path you walk and the life you live.

Most of us live as though the goals of our best life were far away. In fact, they are there to be seized at any moment—if you have the right set of eyes and the tools with which to see them.

Entrepreneurial Freedom is about zeroing in on what those goals and dreams really are, in business and in life, so that you can create change and freedom and achieve the success that matters most to you in business and in life. 

What are you signing up for when you work with Brent?

I offer mastermind groups and private coaching, all of which are designed to clear a path for you to achieve your entrepreneurial goals and build a healthy, balanced life that is optimized for happiness and long-term success.


All of my programs will help you:

  • Identify and develop your vision of an ideal entrepreneurial life.
  • Identify pain points and eliminate distractions, time and energy leaks, and other detriments to your business.
  • Find work-life balance in a business world characterized by economic uncertainty and unrelenting pressure.
  • Manage workplace and life stress.
  • Become the business leader you know you can become.

If you like how this sounds and you are ready to get started with one of my programs, send me a private message right now.

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