About Brent Haydey

Who is Brent Haydey?

I am the founder and President of Brent Haydey Enterprises, the company through which I deliver Entrepreneurial Freedom.

I strongly believe in the quote “walk the talk.” I strive to balance success that truly matters to my business and in my life. My passion is to help entrepreneurs be high achievers in their businesses and industries, live healthy entrepreneur lifestyles, and ignite passion in their lives and relationships.

I am a teacher, trainer, coach, and mentor with extensive leadership experience in the health and wellness industry. My work as an occupational health and wellness consultant, kinesiologist, and personal trainer led naturally into the work I do today, which is all about helping people live their best lives—and optimizing their physical and mental health as they grow their businesses.

I am an avid runner, scuba diver, world traveller, and budding philanthropist. I am also a dedicated father, husband, and supporter of my elderly father—a tall order for any entrepreneur. After a long professional and personal journey and a lot of trial and error, I get to do what I love every day. All the while having the freedom to do things like being able to walk my daughter to and from school almost every day and otherwise enjoying my ideal life with my family.

I truly believe that such a life is available to any entrepreneur. I am confident that I can help you transform your business and your life to deliver the life you have always dreamt of as your business thrives!

Let’s get started with a FREE consultation… or join me in my online community. I look forward to our adventure together!