2 Steps To A Fresh Start


Starting OffWhen you’re looking to make a fresh start towards releasing weight, preventing illness, or some other Thriving Health goal here are 2 steps to consider to get going on the right foot.

For most it likely took a while to get where you’re at (often a lifetime). Achieving the results you want and making them stick will also take time. Making baby step changes a few at a time and then focusing on them until they take hold is a great way to start. In our busy world too much too fast tends to overwhelm, especially if others such as a spouse or kids are involved. When overwhelmed we fall off track. Because of the unconscious habits we live by too much change at once (such as restrictive diets) build up as internal stress and we fall off track.

A great way to approach making baby steps is to start with the of practice Strategic Abandonment. Simply put it is to add a positive action while removing a negative one. It does not overwhelm. It begins your shift. It’s easy to do.

To make a Fresh Start and take your first 2 baby steps of Thriving Health using Strategic Abandonment ask yourself the following questions:


What are the obvious positive things I know I should do to support my goals?

– i.e in the lifestyle area of mindful and nutritious eating – eat breakfast, fill half the dinner plate with salad or vegetables.

What are the key things I have been doing that I shake my head at knowing I should not be doing them?

– i.e. in the lifestyle area of mindful and nutritious eating – eating mindlessly in front of the TV for dinner, stopping for fast food several times a week

Take Action

Mindful and nutritious eating is one of the 4 Essential Elements of An Active Healthy Lifestyle that you can apply the practice of Strategic Abandonment. Click the link to understand each more fully.

Choose one positive step to add in the element of highest priority to you (or the one that has the most obvious change needed). Choose one negative thing to remove. Do it for the next few days. See how it feels. If anxiety over staying on track is mounting, if external pressure of some sort is increasing, if you feel overwhelmed in doing what you plan STOP. Break down your changes into smaller steps and start again. For example if stopping eating fast food several times a week is a goal and stopping cold turkey overwhelms your or other family members then you might need to reduce to 3 times a week first until it feels normal then reduce it further. Keep at this process until the changes feel like your new normal then, and only then, add another positive and remove another negative. How quickly you move forward and how many things you add/remove at once will be very individual to you.

Each persons life, limiting beliefs, external influences, current habits, etc. are unique unto you. Slow and steady made easy leads to results, results that will STICK!

If you’re undertaking a Fresh Start I’d love to hear how things go. Enjoy your journey of Thriving Health!



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