Moving from breadth to depth to conversion

Recently I presented at a live seminar that I created along with 2 health and wellness colleagues from my BNI Chapter. Together we promoted it effectively and filled the room. In doing so each of us was building breadth. Each of us brought people from our own communities to the event. All of our … [Read more...]

Connection breadth versus depth


I wrote in an earlier post that connection, as a part of an effective marketing model, involves breadth and depth.  Breadth meaning a number of effective means to reach a wide range of people. Depth involving building relationships with your mavens and connectors as well as the prospects you … [Read more...]

When scarcity swings the marketing pendulum

When scarcity hits it can become very easy to hop on the pendulum and swing from one side of your marketing plan to the other and back again. You can easily talk yourself in or out of staying a particular course that is designed to pay off. I went through that exact experience and until I saw what … [Read more...]

5 Baskets In Which To Put Your Marketing Eggs

Growing your business is one of the primary concerns of most entrepreneurs, however many do not actively engage in the process in a manner that actually works. The result! Continual struggle to find prospects (or wait for them to show up) and convince them into buying whatever it is you … [Read more...]

How many days do you have left?

There are only 24 hours in a day, 7 days each week, and 365 days every year. From this moment in time forward you only have so many days left. Do this quick calculation. Step 1: Take your age and multiply by 365. (for me that’s 48 x 365 = 17,520) Step 2: Take 27,375 (the average life span) and … [Read more...]