The Sandwich Generation and Freedom


Over the past year I’ve come to really understand the sandwich generation and the impact being in the middle of it can have on your business and your life. We’ve heard about it for years. With the mass of the population getting older and living longer along and with baby boomers and generation X … [Read more...]

Repair Relationships That Matter Most


If work continues to always take precedence over those you love the most, it’s time to wake up and repair relationships that matter most to you! It’s time to change how you’ve been viewing this way of being and why. It’s time to adjust your priorities so that work is effectively addressed but NOT … [Read more...]

Achieve Holiday Balance And Enjoy It For Once

Holiday Balance

How well are you able to find holiday balance? Do you stress every year pulled by increasing work demands yet wanting to be able to enjoy all the season has to offer? Me too! At least I used to. We’re well into the holiday season already and my schedule is pretty full all the way into the new … [Read more...]