Just Say No When You Need To Most

Just Say No

Just say NO. NO. It’s a small word. NO. It’s only two letters. N-O. Yet it’s such a hard word for so many business owners to say. In their mind NO might mean less business, or upsetting an employee or client or supplier. Why You Must... Just Say NO NO, at the right times and for the right … [Read more...]

Smartphone Distraction And Its Impact On Business


I’ve experienced smartphone distraction in a few separate meetings recently. It was annoying and yes, it was a distraction too. In one meeting it was going off 3-4 times a minute or more. Different chimes, dings, bongs, and quacks for each app sending a notification. Each time it went off the … [Read more...]

Email Overwhelm Leads To Money Left On The Table

Email Overwhelm

Email overwhelm is probably something you can relate to on some level. There are times as it piles up that I just want to hit select all and then DELETE!. How about you? I used to feel getting tons of email was great. A feeling of self importance. And responding immediately to each one kept me … [Read more...]

I Was Leaving Money On The Table

Money On The Table

Until I realized one day that I was leaving money on the table, I remained stressed and stuck, perpetually wishing things were different. I knew it. I saw it. It ticked me off. But I was too overwhelmed with all the demands on my time, energy, and focus to do anything about it. Then I had … [Read more...]