Advanced Freedom Creation Program

This comprehensive program will help you create and launch your plan for change and also deliver the ongoing coaching support you’ll need to stay on track as the many pitfalls, stressors, and barriers that shut you down in the past try to do so once again.

It’s time to leap onto your path of living in entrepreneurial freedom. Entrepreneurial Freedom’s Advanced Freedom Creation Program is designed to help you create and fully launch your plan for achieving freedom in the year ahead.

Entrepreneurial Freedom’s Advanced Freedom Creation Program includes…

  • The Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Freedom
  • The 4-Week EFreedom Launch eCourse
  • Membership in the EFreedom Monthly Online Group Coaching Program

Why this program is essential

For years it was all about the business for me and because of it I had absolutely no sustained success. By success I mean the lack of success in creating the life and lifestyle that I really wanted. That was the real problem. Putting business first ended up in stress, burnout, loneliness, and unhappiness over and over and over again.

When I finally saw the err of my ways I shifted to putting me and my life at the centre of my universe. The creation of my process of entrepreneurial freedom had begun. As each step of my 6 Step Process of Entrepreneurial Freedom became clear to me I worked with it to integrate it into my business and my life. Each step of my new path led to a new level of freedom and a greater ability to live my wildly ideal life while my business continued to grow and thrive.

But it wasn’t until the entire framework was in place that I truly began to see the full power of it. Then the real work began. The work to make the important but not so urgent changes in both my business and my life. Those things that always seem to get bumped when other urgencies come up and take over. The game changers!

These are the difference makers that don’t happen over night but make such as difference when they’re achieved. They did for me.

Day in and day out applying and integrating all I learned enabled each of the vital changes to take hold and be my new normal; my new reality.

In my business this included things like…

  • refining my business offerings and creating key new ones to align with my vision and my clients needs
  • building back end systems for my financial management and marketing freeing up energy and time
  • learning and even more learning of key aspects of the roles I wanted to continue to do in my business bringing even more joy to my day to day work
  • the development of a team of people to take care of the things I didn’t like or really needed to let go of for my business to grow and thrive

In my life, beyond my business, this included things like…

  • reframing my inner voice to acknowledge my new goals and priorities so it wouldn’t trip me up anymore
  • breaking down and rebuilding old habits that no longer served me
  • setting boundaries so I could walk my daughter to school most days (oh how we both love this!)
  • co-creating a plan with my wife for our family to travel the world… often (among of our big dreams!)
  • several steps to improve my own health

Taking steps to reclaim good restorative sleep is one of my biggest and continuing challenges and successes I can note to date. It impacts everything!

FREEDOM! That’s what I gained along the way. Freedom within my business to key in on want I love and am great at doing. Freedom from my business when I want need it most so that I can fully live my wildly ideal life.

Entrepreneurial Freedom's Advanced Freedom Creation Program
Living In Entrepreneurial Freedom!

At some point along the way of changing my reality I realized I wasn’t the only one who needed and wanted this kind of change. I knew a lot of business owners who worked endlessly making their business the centre of their worlds. They were not happy. They were not living the dream they had when they first got into business. They wished things were different but didn’t know what to do about it.

Is this you too?

The more I talked with business people the more I heard a similar story to my own. The more stories I heard the more I felt compelled to help. I knew with the right support business owners could create their own unique path of entrepreneurial freedom. I wanted everyone to have the freedom I now have and the freedom I continue to create more of in my business and my life.

I created my coaching programs, my mastermind groups, and my online support all to be able to help as many entrepreneurs as I can to move forward one step at a time towards the work life balance they want making sure their business thrives while they achieve it.

For some people simply having the blueprint for entrepreneurial freedom laid out and described is all that is needed. They can take it, implement it, and succeed. For others the years of making business their sole focus at the expense of everything else in their world has made the much needed process of change much too difficult to master on their own.

That’s why I created the Advanced Freedom Creation Program. This comprehensive system of support will help you create and launch your plan for freedom and support you along the way to ensure the things that have led to stress, burnout, and imbalance in the past are effectively and systematically dealt with so you can succeed.

Sign up today for this vital next step on your pathway of entrepreneurial freedom. Begin the work you need to do so you can…

Get Your Life Back!

Entrepreneurial Freedom’s Advanced Freedom Creation Program

Just imagine…

  • being able to focus on what you love to do and are great at in your business
  • having the energy to be as productive as you know you can be and what that’ll mean to your bottom line
  • the freedom of knowing your business can operate just as well with you being there or not
  • having the time to reclaim great health
  • having ample time and energy for yourself and your family
  • the joy of no longer heading home on an empty tank at end of day

Components of Entrepreneurial Freedom’s Advanced Freedom Creation Program

The Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Freedom

With this blueprint you’ll see the framework for the change that can result in you achieving freedom within your business.

4 -Week Freedom Launch Course

This advanced launch course will dive deep into each of the four vital steps required for you to create your action plan for freedom.

Week 1: You’ll create or reconnect with the vision you have for your wildly ideal life, your dream business, and exactly how that business will thrive while it delivers the life and lifestyle you truly want.

Week 2: You’ll take steps to clearly see the currently reality of your business. Your successes and your challenges. You’ll work through the current reality to identify the key game changers that will ultimately lead to the freedom you’re looking for.

Week 3: This week your focus will turn to the current reality of your health and well being. In prioritizing your needs for change you’ll begin the process of reclaiming abundant health and returning you to being the centre of your world.

Week 4: In the final week of this eCourse you’ll connect with the most important people in your world and assess the current reality of those relationships. As you prioritize change here you’ll have begun to take the steps towards the much needed balance between your work and your life.

With the crystal clarity you realize from these four steps you’ll then put together your action plan for the coming year.

Game changing goals specifically aligned with the vision you have for your life and your business

The first quarter plan for making key progressive steps toward your annual goals

The weekly accountability process to ensure you stay on track week by week so that your game changer (important but not necessarily urgent) steps are always addressed

Each week of this program you’ll receive an email complete with the instruction and tools you’ll need to work towards preparing to launch your freedom creation plan.

NOTE: This is precisely the process I take with my high end private coaching clients. In working with them privately this portion of our coaching is worth in excess of $1000.00!

EFreedom Online Group Coaching Program

We all start a new program excited, eager for results, and raring to go. Despite your best intentions, it just might not be enough!

I’ve created a monthly group coaching membership program to minimize the likelihood of just such an occurrence.

With your membership into my Freedom Online Group Coaching Program you’ll be invited to participate in the sessions every month for as long as you want. They occur on the final Monday of each month from 7:00 – 8:30PM MST.

You can join in from the comfort of your home or office using your computer, tablet, or even smartphone.

During these sessions you can choose to simply listen in and gain from what others are going through in their pursuit of freedom within their business and balance between work and life. You can choose to actively engage in coaching support during the session. With that support we focus on a specific issue or challenge you have. The intent is to work it through to the point of clarity and an action step for the month ahead.

Gleaning value from others and their work and specifically working through your issues in this format will help you to stay on track with the plan for freedom you set during the 4-Week Freedom Launch Course.

For any business owner seeking change there are three powerful forces you must overcome during that phase of change. Each has the ability to derail all you are working hard to achieve leaving you vulnerable to repeating your history once again. Those three powerful forces are…

• Old habits and patterns that no longer serve you

• Your inner voice and it’s negative focus

• The millions of external influences you face – including people close to you among many others

The Freedom Online Group Coaching Program will help eliminate the destructive influence of each of these three forces.

Sign Up Today… and launch your plan for creating freedom in your life!

With your investment you’ll receive…

  • The Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Freedom
  • The 4 -Week Freedom Launch Course
  • Membership Into The Monthly EFreedom Online Group Coaching Program

All three for a low one-time initial fee of $199.97 and then an ongoing monthly fee of only $29.97 for continued membership in the EFreedom Online Group Coaching Program.

NOTE: If, at any time, you would like to discontinue your membership in the EFreedom Online Group Coaching Program you are welcome to do so by submitting your request in writing by the 15th of the month you want to stop your subscription. Automatic billing will stop at that point in time.